RICHARD mACcormack

                                  Fine Artist

Long ago when I was younger it seemed like the streets of NY where beckoning me. Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields where huge then in the early 1980's. 

Mickey Rooney was on stage with Ann Miller acting in" Sugar Babies" show .


Daily, Mickey Rooney ( stage and film star actor ) would call to speaking to his N.E. director Mr. Ernest Wiedner and myself over the speaker phone at the South Weymouth ,MA office

In the 80’s New York was pretty rough place still. Even more so for an 18 year old  guy who knew nothing about the Big Apple. Yet, Mr. Wiedner and Mickey Rooney made me feel easier about being in the city by myself to which i was truly thankful for.

I modeled with and for one of Mickey Rooney’s  project's like  Act-o-lab ( a self study home acting course ) Developed by Mikey Rooney and photographed by Mr.Wiedner. Shown above and below are some images of Mickey and I at the then Mark Hellinger Theatre of N.Y.

I also, modeled other catalogues things like Kensington shirts, Foster Grant eyewear etc.  

 Although,  In the middle of all this going on.  I would always fined myself thinking about art and going back to my roots as an artist. I left modeling many years later and worked as a Jr. Tech illustrator for Boston Whaler. Then stood on my own as full-time artist and never looked back . I have met some amassing artist and mentored many students in my life time which gives me great satisfaction.

And what a great gift it was to work with Mickey Rooney and Ernest Weidner something I will never forget.

Mickey Rooney showing me how to                  apply stage makeup.

Mickey Rooney

     1920 -2014

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Mickey Rooney and

Richard MacCormack

on stage in New York.