Plein air painting of Petaluma California

8 X 10"  Oil on Canvas

Above~ Click on the arrow to view the process of  a " The Scholar " by Rembrandt Oil Painting I replicated.


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Above~ Click on the arrow to view the Many Oil Painting 's Nudes, Figure's, Still Life's and many other works.

RICHARD mACcormack

                                  Fine Artist


 ​​​​The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person.
                    ~ Abraham Lincoln

Upon, reflection of Lincoln's words, this is what I as an artist, strive to convey in each work I render. It's creating higher fine art and hopefully hitting that creative artistic zone that all true artists' aspire, too. You know when your in that artistic zone. For your mind is already painting the image... way before you ever thought of lifting a brush.

Not every artist get's to that zone where they are so immersed they can do little else but create. From the beginning it comes down to the individual artist's idea, a blank white canvas, a stick with a bit of hair on it's end ( a brush) with the desire to then make something of beauty out of it all.

​​The devout artist's (if there is any ) are those true artist's that must make art for art's sake . These few artists are blessed by a higher power and strength.. 

Without these few artists .. just how much duller this world would seem without them.